​The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into...

Answer: ​information

. The first computer mouse was built by.... ?                     

Answer: Douglas Engelbart

Personal computers can be connected together to form a​​

Answer: Network

The first computer made available for commercial use was:

Answer: UNIVAC ​

Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computers ?

Answer: Supercomputer

Transformation of input into output is performed by _?​​

Answer: CPU

​A central computer that holds collections of data and programs for many PCs, workstations and other computers is a

Answer: Server

Processor’s speed of a computer is measured in ?

Answer: ​MIPS

Ctrl, shift and alt are called ____ keys.

Answer: modifier ​

.​What type of information system would be recognised by digital circuits ?

Answer: Binary system ​

​Help Menu is available at which button?                    

Answer: Start                                                                              

What is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk called?                  

Answer: ​Storage