General Knowledge for kids of 6-7 years

1. How many days do we have in a week?

Answer: Seven

2. How many days are there in a year?

Answer: 365 (not a leap year)

3. How many colors are there in a rainbow?

Answer: 7

4. Which animal is known as the ‘Ship of the Desert?’

Answer: Camel

5. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

Answer: 26

6. How many consonants are there in the English alphabet?

Answer: 21

7. How many sides are there in a triangle?

Answer: Three

8. In which direction does the sun rise?

Answer: East

9. What do you call a type of shape that has five sides?

Answer: Pentagon

10. Which month of the year has the least number of days?

Answer: February

11. What is a baby frog called?

Answer: Tadpole

12. Where does a pig live?

Answer: Sty

13. We smell with our

Answer: Nose

14. Which is the largest mammal?

Answer: Blue Whale

15. What do you call the person who brings a letter to your home from post office?

Answer: Postman

General Knowledge for Kids of age 8-10 years

16. What type of gas do plants absorb?

Answer: Carbon dioxide

17. Which place is known as the roof of the world?

Answer: Tibet

18. Who was the first prime minister of India?

Answer: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

19. How many years are there in one Millenium?

Answer: 1,000 years

20. Who was the first man to walk on the moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong

21. How many primary colors are there?

Answer: Three (red, yellow, blue)

22. Which way is anti-clockwise, left or right?

Answer: Left

23. How many equal sides does an isosceles triangle have?

Answer: 2

24. How many days are there in the month of February in a leap year?

Answer: 29 days

25. What do you call a house made of ice?

Answer: Igloo

26. Which is the longest river on the earth?

Answer: Nile

27. Which is the principal source of energy for earth?

Answer: Sun

28. Which is the smallest continent?

Answer: Australia

29. Which is the densest jungle in the world?

Answer: The Amazon rainforest

30. Which is the coldest location in the earth?

Answer: East Antarctica

General Knowledge for Kids of Class 4-5:

31. What is the standard taste of the water?

Answer: Water is tasteless

32. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

Answer: Mount Everest

33. Which country is called the land of rising sun?

Answer: Japan

34. Which is the fastest animal on the land?

Answer: Cheetah

35. Who is the inventor of electricity?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

36. Which continent is known as ‘Dark’ continent?

Answer: Africa

37. Which planet is known as the Red Planet?

Answer: Mars

38. Which is the tallest animal on the earth?

Answer: Giraffe

39. Which is the most sensitive organ in our body?

Answer: Skin

40. Which two parts of the body continue to grow for your entire life?

Answer: Nose and Ears

41. The largest ‘Democracy’ in the world?

Answer: India

42. Which is the largest ocean in the world?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

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